About Me

My name is Arthur, and I’ve been programming for as long as I can remember. I started out with BASIC on a Commodore 64, taught myself C and C++ with an old Borland compiler on a 486, then I went to college and studied how to work on AS/400 and iSeries/400 Mainframe Computers, and some modern web design. I started studying modern internet programming on my own, learning Flash and ActionScript 3 and Haxe. In 2012 I finished a Post-Graduate program at Lambton College, where I spent six months learning Java, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MSSQL, Orace PL/SQL, HTML5 and CSS3, and even the basics of development on iOS and Android. It was a tough six months! In 2015 I took the first half of another Post-Graduate program, this time at Fanshawe College. I studied game engine design and implementation using C++ and OpenGL.

Currently I’m looking for work in the video game industry.