Scroll Bar Getto!

At the library today, and gonna work on that scrollbar some more. Just before I had to stop last night, I got the scrollbars KINDA working, but not really. Well, the vertical scrollBAR is working, and the other elements are all WORKING, but they’re all in the wrong places. The down buttons are 180 on the far point, and I’m going to guess the up buttons are too, but I can’t see them. The bars work, you can click em and scroll em and all that good stuff, but the horizontal bar is vertical for some reason. I’m really not sure what’s up with that.

For the up and down buttons, my best guess is that they made the art in the Flash IDE with the registration point at the lower right corner instead of the upper left. Well I guess I can respect that, though it convolutes things.

*tries drawing the boxes so that the registration point would be at the lower right corner*

Huh, well that didn’t work. Now I can see the up buttons, but not the down buttons, and the up buttons are to the upper left of where they should be. Puzzling.

Well, instead of changing where the registration point would be, I’ll change where it’s drawing them.

Hmm… I think it’s drawing them underneath the background. I’ll change the order they’re added to stage.

Okay there they are. Now there’s just one more problem with the vertical scrollbar; the scrollbar won’t scroll all the way to the bottom. My guess is the range was set based on the location of the down button, which I’ve changed.

E-yup, that seems to have fixed it. ^.^

Next problem. What the heck is up with the horizontal scrollbar? o.o

*read read read* Yeah it’s clearly written to end up like this… But hang on, is it possible that in the Flash IDE they merely rotated the scrollbar so that up and down became left and right? o.o;;

*sets rotation to -90* Well son of a gun, it works. I’m tempted to change it so it’s properly horizontal instead of just a trick, but I didn’t pick up this class so I could re-write it myself.

Okay now it’s working perf… effectively. Now I’ll fix it up a bit. Well, first I’ll make a backup of what I’ve got so far… Okay.

Now I’mma get rid of all those MovieClips. They’re awful heavy when a Sprite is good enough.

Hmm… Oh, they actually used the functionality of MovieClips to make the buttons button. That is, the different frames were the over and click states and things. Hmm… Well, I can’t programatically create new movieclip frames, so I guess I’ll just have to workaround that functionality.

Oh! I know a cheap trick I can use. I can jam a colour transform on it when it would normally switch frames. It only has two states anyways. I’ll make a colour transform that brightens it up.

*does that* Well that takes care of that.

Now I’m going to change the way the graphics look so they’ll match my text game, and when that’s done I’ll move the code over to TextWorld.

*work work work* Codin’ up some graphicalness… Been at this four hours already. I’ll have to take a lunch break soon.

*work work work* Alright, it looks proper and it works. The only thing left is to move it into my TextWorld project. I’ll do that, then go for lunch!

*work work work* And there it is! Now, lunchtime! <3

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