Maybe I should try HaXe

Am I jumping formats again? Apparently JavaScript doesn’t work in all browsers, and certainly, some people turn it off. So, what if I used server-side scripting, like PHP? Well, then you could only play when you’re logged into the internet. When I was doing it in Flash, you could download the .swf and play wherever you like.

There’s perks to everything, aren’t there?

Maybe it’s time I learned HaXe. I mean, the IDE I’ve been using for two years for my tile-matching game, FlashDevelop, is also a HaXe IDE. With HaXe I could write the program once and compile it for different platforms, and get the best of all the supported worlds, including Flash, JavaScript, PHP and C++. Plus HaXe is strictly-typed, which some of those languages aren’t, and I prefer strictly-typed languages. Well, that’s the slogan anyways. I don’t know if it’s really easy to make something multiplatform with HaXe.

*gives HaXe a try* Hmm… The documentation for the JavaScript HaXe libraries is kind of crap. There’s no explanation of what anything is. Look at this for example, that’s supposed to be the document class from JavaScript.

This language has been around at least five years, you’d think they’d have comments on all of their API elements by now. Looking at the PHP one now, only some of them have documentation past declaration.

I’m going to see what I can do with the HaXe PHP thing. But first I’ve got to refresh myself on PHP since it’s been a while.

“PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” The Madness Begins. XD

*read read read, experiment experiment experiment*

Yeah it seems like if I use HaXe, as long as I write a different interface for every platform, I can do all my essential classes and keep them seperate. I can just have it reveal the things that need to be displayed in a series of public properties, and the interface will poll the world, or use a callback function or event or something.

Alright, given that I think it’s worth a try.

For now though, a band is setting up for First Friday, so I’m going to head out. ^.^

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