A Beginning for A-Life

Today I don’t feel like working with text, but I can’t relax and play, so I’ve got to work on something else. So, I’m going to start doing the other option of the two I started with, when I started the text game. I’m going to start doing some A-Life experiments.

So, I’m going to keep on using HaXe and target Flash, so I’ll basically be making a flash app in HaXe. It seems like a decent language, especially for Flash development, and I can re-use code from it pretty easily.

First I’m going to do some experiments with how I want to render this. I might use a library, there’s a bunch of them out there. This HaXePunk looks good; it’s a HaXe port of FlashPunk. There’s one of Flixel too but it doesn’t look as good.

Hmm, they both need something called NME, which is related to HaXe…

It looks like NME is an extension API for HaXe which makes it even easier to do multiplatform programming.

Let’s try this NME out… *downloads an example, compiles, builds, runs* Yeah that works. I love it when things work.

*read read* Oh I see, NME basically has an interface like Flash, but you can target to other platforms with the same code. So, you can code the interface with HaXe instead of doing a different interface for each platform. That’s cool.

I’m taking a long time messing around with Libraries, I haven’t even touched the A-Life experiments I was going to start. Maybe I won’t get to them today, we’ll see. I’ll have to eat soon.

*read read read* awe6 seems good too, though. I should check them out later. FlashPunk seems more familiar, for now. It’s interesting and noteworthy that the same game on Flash and JavaScript/HTML5 is much faster for me in Flash. I guess JS/HTML5 has a ways to go yet.

I haven’t done much besides decide which library I’m going to use, but now it’s time for meal and break. I’m sure there will be interesting things coming up!

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