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It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to do any work on my projects, and not for lack of trying! I’ve either been caught up in the Unitarian site (which is done and up at ) or preoccupied with something else. Games have been distracting; SWTOR and Anno2070 have been big contenders for my attention. I finally had a big area of time to work yesterday but between the difficulties with Mystery Bunnygirl X and a big argument that left me unable to think of anything else, I didn’t get a thing done.

I’m still reeling from some of that today, but hopefully I’ll be able to get something done.

*work work* Hum… nme.Lib isn’t in the API documentation. Oh wait, here it is! It’s just not given its own section. I thought it was a package, but it’s just a class.

*work work work* I was just thinking, why don’t I make the graphical interface, so I can be sure of what I’ll have to work with when the user clicks on something?

And I started doing that. Then I realized that since I switched to HaXe, I’ll have to re-do the scrolling text area thing I did for Flash!

Well, HaXeNME and Flash work together pretty well, so it shouldn’t be difficult to modify the existing code to HaXe. But, well, just wanted to say that.

*work work work*

Now the internet is down and the sun has reached a position where it’s all up in my screen. Plus I have really bad heartburn, so I’m going to head home before continuing.

*work work work work work*

*work work work work work*

Well that was a heck of a lot of work, but I’ve got the scrollbar working in HaXe now. Quite the illustration on what’s different between the languages!

Anyways now that I’ve got that done, it’s getting close to midnight and I’m pretty drained. It was nice to accomplish something tangible for a change.

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