There are Four TextBoxes!

Last time on ElectricSquirrel Z! I converted the scrollbar class from Flash to HaXe, which I can do because I am an elite hacker! Or an l33t haxxor, I guess. Well that might be an exaggeration, but considering how balls crazy this scrollbar system is, I think I have the right to be proud of converting it.

Next step is making four of them in preparation for the display.

*work work work* Well it’s taken a lot but I’ve got a second one up there. Rather than using hard coded positions I thought I’d try percentages, so that things would scale if the resolution was changed. But, I had a lot of issues getting it right.

Still not quite right, though. I’m not terribly satisfied with these scrollbars. Now that I’m actually using them to scroll content, I realize they don’t respond to keyboard input. I can probably add that myself later, but it’s a bit disappointing. The scroll bar itself changes width based on the shape of the area scrolled, also. That’s kind of awkward. I don’t know how easy it’ll be to change that.

Anyways it looks satisfactory for now, so I’ll add the other two.

*work work* Okey dokey that was pretty easy.

Next I want to put some feeder text in there and test how the formatting and event raising works, so I can be sure how to recieve and translate events between the TextWorld system and the interface.

I’ll do that next time, though. I’ve gotten some stuff done, and the weather is getting interesting. I left the windows open at home, so if it starts to rain I want to be there to close everything.

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