Big Problem with NME, Jumping Platforms Again

So, despite going on about my l33tness, there’s some things I can’t or shouldn’t do. It turns out I’ve run into a very severe roadblock with HaXe+NME. Well, HaXe is great, the problem is with NME or specifically nme.text.TextField because you see, it doesn’t mimic all the functionality of flash.text.TextField and specifically it doesn’t have the Stylesheet parameter or any other way to change the colour of individual sections of text within a particular textfield. In otherwords, NME simply won’t work for what I’m doing, and I’m back to square one.

Well, before I was thinking of doing it with JavaScript, and I realized that not everyone has JavaScript, or is JavaScript capable. But everyone can view a PHP page! So, this’ll be the forth platform I’ve jumped to on this project. It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous, but such is life. If PHP doesn’t work out I’ll fall back to JavaScript; it’s an important part of the internet and an important part of advanced HTML5 content, so if you’re blocking it by default you’re going to miss out on a lot anyways.

*work work work* I’m just trying to figure out this neat Aptana IDE I downloaded. It can be an extension of Eclipse, but I downloaded the standalone. It’s interesting. I think I’ve got it just about figured out. I’ve gotta say though, it’s weird when I’m trying to figure out a program and all of the screenshots in the manual are from a mac and I’m running it on a PC. XD

*work work work* Okay I’m feeling comfortable with Aptana now, and the PHP makes sense after reviewing the PHP tutorial at w3schools. Love that site.

Notable problem; PHP has no Objects. I’m used to OOP. I could probably make it all work by using a database to store the data I would normally put in objects.

Frankly I’m still indecisive about everything else. Like Flash. I’m great for coding with AS3; I don’t need to lay about for hours reviewing the syntax and all that. Yeah, it limits the places my textgame can go, but there’s also the fact that they may add the StyleSheet to NME. I already requested it on their forum, and asked for advice in their programming area. No idea if I’ll get any hits there, but it’s something.

Right now I’ve got nothing up, and this is supposed to be my first ‘Give Me Money Plz!’ thing, where I make something you want and you give me money to make more. So, I’m not makin’ any money untill I get something playable. I need to stop screwing around and just MAKE the darn thing.

So, that’s that. Next time, back to Flash, untill NME gets what I need. Then I can translate it all to HaXe like I did with the scrollbars.

Not sure if I’ll keep using the scrollbars; they have issues. We’ll see.

Hungry now, and almost midnight. Break time.

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