Let’s Get These Kids Talking to Eachother

So now that I’ve gotten over that bump from earlier, I still need to actually get this thing working. Right now I’ve got a basic interface set up with feeder text, but in order to have it interface with the TextWorld simulation, I’ve got to handle the link TextEvents it sends.

I’m also somewhat worried that I will be unable to make links appear correctly; that they’ll switch to default style and be unchangable by the font tag.

*tests it* Oh that’s a relief! It’s not underlined, and it’s the right colour. I will be able to carry on.

Right. So, I’ll make an event handler for link events next.

*work work work*

Okay I did a lot of stuff there. I set up a whole system of event transfers between the main object and its two children, the interface and the textworld. The main object carries the information across.

I’ve run into a strange bug though. When I set the location text, it appears where the action text should be, and when I try to set the action text, it says it hasn’t been defined. … ahh, here’s the problem; I didn’t change the names when I copied the code for the location and action texts. It’s a wonder I didn’t have this problem earlier.

*tinker tinker* There we go, now it’s working properly. The basic interface is set up, the rest of the work should be getting the TextWorld object to do its thing. That’ll be for next time though; it’s late and I have a family thing tomorrow, and I need to get some sleep.

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