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Back to Work

Back to work after a while.

The task list I added previously is helping a lot. I was able to quickly get back to work with only the briefest refresher. I just polished up the generateLocationText function to wrap the text in a font tag to give it a nice format.

Next I’m going to work on the input method for the textworld class that recieves the textEvents from the interface and handles them.

*work work work* Okey dokey, it recieves input and handles it. I’ve got it sending flash traces whenever I click on one of the menu links.

Next I’ve got to make some exit objects and link them to spaces, so that I’ll be able to move my player around the little world I’ve created so far.

I haven’t figured out just how I’ll link a text line with a specific object. I’ve been thinking of using hash tables for each of the item types and including the hash in the text though. Already have a hash table for the spaces so that the exits can find them before making a more solid reference.

Alright, I’ve already got some exits I made before and forgot about.

I’m also considering making it so that in order to create game objects, I have to use methods in the TextWorld object, which will add them to the proper lists when they’re created.

Hmm… It occurs to me that having a single switch statement for all of the possible input just isn’t sensible. I’d have to put in a case for every possible object. I’ll have to use it as a sort of code.


exit51, menuOption, action3

Maybe something like that. For the actions, when you click on an object in the Location text, it’ll put your options for interacting with that object in the action text area. The actions might have to be big compound things, since it needs to include what type of action it is, as well as what the action is happening to.

Well, I’ve made some progress but it looks like it’s starting to rain, and there might be something more serious rolling in. So, I’m going to pack up and head home. I wish I had a better idea where I was headed with this program, I’m usually a lot more clear on how everything will work.

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Lots of Lists

I’ve been working for a while but hadn’t written anything in my open text editor for the blog. Didn’t have anything to say, I guess. Now I do.

I’m not sure how I want to handle the list of a space’s contents. I was going to have it be a list of things, but then I realized that thing children would loose their special properties; it would store them all as things, even mobiles, exits, and other spaces.

There’s two ways I could handle this. The first way would be a list with the Dynamic type, which can have members of any type but isn’t perfect across different platforms in HaXe. Or I could have seperate lists for each of the possible child types. That would mean a list of all the contained things, a list of all the contained mobiles, a list of all the contained spaces and a list of all the contained exits. The downside would be that I would have to handle all the lists seperately. That might be good though too. I think I’ll do it that way.

Alright that’s pretty much it. Not much to say this time, I did a bunch of stuff but I’m so sleepy it’s hard to say what. I will say that I added a couple of text files to the project to help keep things organized. One describes the game’s intended logic, and one is a list of tasks for me to do, so I know what I’m working on and what to do next.

Now it’s time for sleep, probably.

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