Lots of Lists

I’ve been working for a while but hadn’t written anything in my open text editor for the blog. Didn’t have anything to say, I guess. Now I do.

I’m not sure how I want to handle the list of a space’s contents. I was going to have it be a list of things, but then I realized that thing children would loose their special properties; it would store them all as things, even mobiles, exits, and other spaces.

There’s two ways I could handle this. The first way would be a list with the Dynamic type, which can have members of any type but isn’t perfect across different platforms in HaXe. Or I could have seperate lists for each of the possible child types. That would mean a list of all the contained things, a list of all the contained mobiles, a list of all the contained spaces and a list of all the contained exits. The downside would be that I would have to handle all the lists seperately. That might be good though too. I think I’ll do it that way.

Alright that’s pretty much it. Not much to say this time, I did a bunch of stuff but I’m so sleepy it’s hard to say what. I will say that I added a couple of text files to the project to help keep things organized. One describes the game’s intended logic, and one is a list of tasks for me to do, so I know what I’m working on and what to do next.

Now it’s time for sleep, probably.

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