Plants and Animals

So here I am, at the cafe again. It’s been a while; this last month has been terrible for me overall.

I’ve decided to push the textworld project to the back burner. I kept changing my goals on that project and ultimately realized I wasn’t working towards any of them anymore. Instead I’m going to focus on my artificial life experiments for a while, in preparation for my return to college this fall.

As before, I intend to do these a-life experiments using HaXe and HaxePunk, but those various libraries were updated even while I was using them, so I’m going to have to start by updating all my libraries.

*work work work* Well that took an hour. Ahh well life goes on, and now my libraries are all updatified.

Hmm… Now that I’ve opened all the references, I’m feeling really anxious and somewhat disturbed. I think I’ll have to take it slowly and refresh myself on the workings of HaxePunk.

*work work work* Okay after some difficulty I am successfully back where I left off before, and prepared to make a HaxePunk app thingy.

The first thing I’ll do is the most basic sort of a-life. I’ll make little green circles to be ‘plants’ and have them grow slowly, and little blue triangles to be ‘herbivores’ that will seek out the plants for food. I’ll make the herbivores reproduce asexually for now, when they have enough food, and die if they starve. I might have them die of old age later.

First things first. Gotta set up the ‘world’. This’ll be a bordered box for the critters to live in.

Anxiety is peaking really hard right now. Really want to run home and hide, but such is life. I’m staying.

Made a world, working on Plant and Animal entities to populate it…

Okay I’ve got some of the basics set up. But, I still need to make a bounded space in the World, right now I think it goes on forever.

*work work work* Alright I’ve put in a temporary field for my sandbox, it’s basically the box I made for my last HaxePunk experiment, with the zelda style tiles. I’ll probably switch it out with just a black outline later, and make it bigger. For now, I’m out of time. I have work to do today, and it’s finally almost 9:30.

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