Long Time No Post

Wow, I haven’t posted on here since last august? What happened?

Well. I went to college! That’s what I got the modern laptop for anyways. I’ve been in the post-grad Internet Programming and Database Management program at Lambton College since last September, and today is the last day. Did great on my exams, of course.

I’ve got a lot more skills than I had last year. I’m a competent Java programmer now! I’m all trained up for HTML5 and CSS3 and jQuery and I’ve even studed the basics of Android and iOS development.

My SQL skills are pretty polished too, I’ve been using MySQL, MSSQLServer and Oracle PL/SQL so I can handle a lot of stuff.

I’m looking for work now so I’m going to be dressing up my blog here, soon. I’ll be adding my resume and depending on how fast I find work, I may be putting up a portfolio here.

If any of you have any work available or know someplace I should check out, please remember that 90% of all jobs are gotten from networking, and you’re in my network! Let’s help eachother out.

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