Current Progress

I sure don’t update this blog very much. I had originally intended to use it as a place to host the play-by-plays of my coding trials and triumphs, which I regularly do over on my personal blog. But, I also include personal information in those that I’m not comfortable putting here on my professional blog. It’s quite difficult to balance personal and professional lives, isn’t it?

Most of my work the last month and a half has been focused on completing the PHP project I wasn’t able to complete in college. It’s not that complicated, really, I just haven’t been putting many man-hours into it. Apart from that I’ve been applying for jobs. If you’re reading this, please know that I’m for hire and a current resume can be found in the link bar at the top of this blog.

I’ll post some links to my PHP project as soon as it’s finished, and try to keep posting progress updates here. Thanks for visiting!

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