I’ve been on medication for only four days but it feels like so long. I wouldn’t have guessed it was that short if I hadn’t just looked at my project changelog. The last entry was the 4th. I’m feeling somewhat better and so I’m able to go off of the mind-bending pain killers and just use the standard kind.

My next task is to complete the Create() function in the model_Chatroom class that’ll create new chat entries and delete the oldest after the buffer fills. The function will return true if it works, false if not.

It’s been a while since I used PHP MySQL querries so I’ll need to refresh my memory. *refresh*

*work work work*

And there we go. It deletes the oldest entry by timestamp if there are over 200 entries using the most arcane MySQL command I’ve ever used. Short and effective though, and safe as far as I can tell. Very good.

I’ve added an empty UpdateViews function, to interface with the views later when they’re added. Basically, it’ll have to tell everybody when something is updated, or they’ll have to constantly ask, one or the other.

It occurs to me at this point that I’m building a completely annonymous chatboard. Well, I suppose that’s to be expected without adding an account system. I might do that for a second version before starting the WebMuck proper. There won’t be any security or admins either, just a bunch of text blocks listed by timestamp. Oh god, I’m making 4chan aren’t I?

Next time, I work on the controller.

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