So despite life’s penchant for getting in the way, I’ve been continuing to work on the MyFirstChatroom prototype. So far I’ve made most of the controller and database and started on the view.

So far it’s just two text areas and a post button that runs an empty click handler. Before I do the click handler though I want to do the function that gets the chat from the server, and before I do that I want to make sure I can set up an event timer. I thought there was one in JQuery but I can’t find it, so I’m going to try JavaScript.


I actually folded up my laptop and left my work overnight, so the following is the next day’s work. I was easily able to find a JavaScript timing function that works wonderfully with JQuery; that’s probably why they don’t have their own. I’m working on the AJAX for getting the chat entries now.

I’ve got the most basic infrastructure down, but today’s just not flowing right so I’m going to take a break and maybe work more at home later. I think I may want to work out the interactions between the controller and view ahead of time next.

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