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Tile Matching Game

For the last two years I’ve been working on a simple Tile Matching Game in Flash and ActionScript 3. At present the game is functionally complete, and I am only waiting for the comissioned art and sound resources to be completed so that I can integrate them into the finished product.

I started this project with one primary goal, to create a finished and polished game, and not work on any other projects untill it’s finished. Starting out, the projet seemed simple. Looking back, it still seems simple. I don’t understand how it’s taken me two years to create. I have learned quite a lot though. Perhaps if I were to do it all again, it would go much faster.

As soon as I get the new resources, I’ll integrate them into the game and start the final phases of testing, to make sure everything is still working. I look forward to sharing my finished work with you all.

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