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FD is Working Again

After the update, and a bit of confusion with a previous project with a similar name (but totally different location), I’ve found that FD is working again. My apps are running and connecting to the debugger properly. Hooray!

Now I can get back to actual work again.

The downside is that between the excitement of it seeming to fail but actually work and a really tenacious fly, I’m extremely overheated right now and don’t feel up to doing ANYTHING. Not sure what to do with myself now. I’m going to try and cool down by stepping outside for a bit, but I may make ‘fixing FD’ my whole thing for today.


No FlashDevelop Replies

I didn’t get a single reply to my post on the Flash Develop forum. You know what that means?


That’s about the only thing I can think of to solve it at this point. I’m updating FlashDevelop first, and if that doesn’t do it I’ll try Java and finally .NET. I’ll have to restart my lappy in between there so this is just a short in-progress post while I wait for the update on FlashDevelop, which is pretty slow on this machine at this location.


FlashDevelop Troubles

Well I’m finally back to work after a long absense. It’s finally time to deal with the problem I had immediately before said absense; suddenly FlashDevelop stopped connecting to the debugger when it ran my project. Not sure what’s up with that.

So far, I’ve tried reinstalling the Flash Debug Player but that didn’t work.

Now I’m trying to use the debugger in other projects, but it’s getting even weirder. When I compiled and ran a different program, it didn’t even try to use the debugger. I edited it to use a flash trace but it didn’t work. So, it’s not just my other project, but this is even worse. At least in the main one, it’s visibly trying and failing to connect the debugger. This isn’t even saying anything is wrong. I double checked that it was in Debug mode since the first one I tried was in release mode, but it doesn’t make a difference.

Okay I tried an AS3 project and the debugger worked fine. Very puzzling.

My Haxe project still isn’t connecting to the debugger.

Alright I’ve tried a few more and it’s definately happening with all my Haxe projects.

Alright I’m going to try and install the mozilla style flash debugger as well and see if that does anything.

Oh, well this is interesting. Now the debugger is working, but the program isn’t, and it’s not giving any errors or compile errors. I just get the flash player with a white screen for all of my previously working programs.

And again it’s happening to all Haxe projects but not AS3 projects. They go fine.

Alright I’m going to take a break for the night and ask for help on the FlashDevelop forum.

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