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Extra Credits Game Jam 5   Leave a comment

I entered the Extra Credits Game Jam 5, and completed a simple platformer game. It’s similar to the two Ludum Dare platformers I made and currently have on my Portfolio page, but also different in a couple of important ways. The first, clearly, is that I used some art and music I didn’t make myself. […]

Ludum Dare 40   Leave a comment

I had neglected to add my Ludum Dare entry from late last year to my Porfolio so I did that just now. It’s a game called Warehouse Blues that I made in two days in Unity from scratch. It’s not perfect but I think I did a better job than my last 2D platformer.

Ludum Dare 37   Leave a comment

I competed in Ludum Dare 37 and managed to complete a game! Here’s a link to the judging site:

Posted December 12, 2016 by Arthur Payne in Finished Projects, Ludum Dare 37, Projects

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Ludum Dare 27 – Episode 2   Leave a comment

After leaving the college I spent some time relaxing, to shake off what anxiety had built. Then I procrastinated for an hour, and finally went out to do some more work. I’m only just reinstalling Eclipse again, and it’s already four, and less than an hour before the cafe I’m working at closes. Hmph, no […]

Posted August 24, 2013 by Arthur Payne in Ludum Dare 27

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Ludum Dare 27 – Episode 1   Leave a comment

I’ve begun my Ludum Dare attempt. The theme is 10 Seconds and I’m going to try to make a 2D platformer where the background, and some of the platforms, change every ten seconds. I decided to abandon Slick2D, which it turns out is dead and most of the guides and tutorials are gone. Instead I’m […]

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Collision Detection Insufficient   Leave a comment

Delight of delights, I finally have a modern laptop. I’ve already gone ahead and moved most of my stuff onto here, and I have already got my previous work compiling and running. Great! That’s how I like things; working. I like myself working too, so I’m happy to be back at the cafe with my […]

Posted August 31, 2012 by Arthur Payne in A-Life

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The Plants are Planting, and Synthesizing Food   Leave a comment

Well, I’ve been working a bit more on the first a-life experiment. So far, I have some ugly scaling bitmap plants that grow over time. Some of them are overlapping the boundary of the sandbox though and I don’t want to have that, so I need to make them move away from it when they […]

Posted August 23, 2012 by Arthur Payne in A-Life

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Back to Work   Leave a comment

Back to work after a while. The task list I added previously is helping a lot. I was able to quickly get back to work with only the briefest refresher. I just polished up the generateLocationText function to wrap the text in a font tag to give it a nice format. Next I’m going to […]

Posted June 12, 2012 by Arthur Payne in TextWorld

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Lots of Lists   Leave a comment

I’ve been working for a while but hadn’t written anything in my open text editor for the blog. Didn’t have anything to say, I guess. Now I do. I’m not sure how I want to handle the list of a space’s contents. I was going to have it be a list of things, but then […]

Posted June 4, 2012 by Arthur Payne in TextWorld

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TextWorld Coming Along   Leave a comment

So the essential game loop of my initial TextWorld will be something like this: Respond to Player Input by performing the task associated with the link that was clicked. Run down the list of active mobiles, updating each one Check if the player’s location has changed, and update the Location text accordingly Check if the […]

Posted May 29, 2012 by Arthur Payne in TextWorld

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